Troy Littleton, M.D., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Research Interests: 

Neurotransmitter Release, Retrograde Signaling, Synaptic Plasticity

Charles Moss

Senior Administrative Assistant

Dina Volfson

Lab Manager

Research Interests: 

Biosensor development and neurotransmitter release

Research Scientists

Suresh Kumar Jetti, Ph.D.

Research Interests: 

Synapse Diversity, Ion Channels and Aging Neurobiology

Yulia Akbergenova, Ph.D.

Research Interests: 

Imaging of Active Zone Development and Release Mechanisms

Zhuo Guan, Ph.D.

Research Interests: 

Synaptotagmin Regulation of Neurotransmitter Release


Chhavi Sood, Ph.D.

Research Interests:

Synapse formation and neurotransmitter release during development and neurodevelopmental disorders

Jessica Sidisky, Ph.D.

Research Interests:

Active Zone Dynamics at
Aging Synapses

Elizabeth Brija, Ph.D.

Research Interests:

Regulation of synaptic function and structure by RNA editing of Complexin

Graduate Students

Andrés Crane

Research Interests:

Molecular determinants of synaptic and neuronal identity/functional properties

Post-baccalaureate Research Scholars

Payton Dupuis

Research Interests:

Investigating active zone heterogeneity of adult synapses

Morale Technicians


Research Interests:

Where is Troy?


Research Interests:

Sloths. Kiwis. Tape. Containers. ABCDEFG.